Online Communication

How to work effectively with digital tools

MasterClass in English

26 & 28 October 2020 | 11.00 am – 1.00 pm (CET)

How do you become a good online communicator? Digital platforms are spreading in every professional field. How can we make the best use of them?
With these webinars, we want to improve the ability and impact of “digital leadership”, increasing agility and comfort in communication, and making easier the transition to a new business dimension.
It is not a question of abandoning the traditional interaction “in presence” but, on the contrary, of making the continuous transition between online and offline more fluid and natural. In short, generating the same ease of engagement and spontaneity we are capable of infusing into live and phone communication.

AGENDA | 26 October 2020

  • Live/online communication: major differences in body language.
  • How to effectively maintain eye contact, talking/listening.
  • Voice, timing, rhythm: the new wavelength of the online world.
  • “Presence”, impact, empathy in the digital world: toggling between telework and smart working.
  • Proxemics: distances, posture, effective positions and attitudes.
  • Preparing the setting:
    a) correct shot
    b) lighting
    c) background: in the office, at home, in busy places, with physical or digital media
    d) personal image and dress-code

The teaching alternates explanations and tutorials every 5-10 minutes. The interaction with the participants is continuous so that they can immediately experience the expounded techniques.

AGENDA | 28 October 2020

  • How to interact with interlocutors on any occasion of online communication: from one-on-one meetings to speaking to many, from meeting management to online training.
  • How to record a video message – operational, motivational, etc.
  • Time and rhythm management in digital communication: synthesis, effectiveness, feedback.
  • Digital Leadership: a new managerial attitude in the online conversation.
  • Managing your interlocutor: engagement, assertiveness, persuasion.
  • A new approach to use and comment online slides, videos etc.
  • Digital Etiquette: building inter-cultural relationships, respecting different etiquettes and generating empathy for those who work in an international context.

The teacher explains each topic in 5-7 minutes, then participants have room to practice what they just learned by interacting among them.

Alberto Castelvecchi

Communication & Public Speaking expert
Senior Partner Challenge Network

Alberto Castelvecchi is Professor of Public Speaking at Luiss Guido Carli University, and Associate Professor at Luiss Business School, where he where he is a very committed trainer for specific Masters and companies from different sectors.

He is an acknowledged expert in personal communication, with a new method for feeling comfortable in communication. He also deals with personal image, preparation of political campaigns and advanced techniques for interviews and broadcasting communication.
He also collaborates with international companies and organizations in Europe and the Middle East. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the think tank veDrò.
A linguist and communications consultant for managers, politicians, companies and international organizations, he has been involved in journalism and cultural dissemination with Radio Rai since 1987. He has been a contributor for Il Messaggero, La Repubblica and Panorama.
He founded the publishing house that bears his name directing it from 1993 to 2008, and publishing over 600 books. He is a specialist in new trends, emerging scenarios, studies and business interventions in HR, communication, and management training. He is known as a talent scout for young artists, writers, essayists, communicators.
He often features as a guest and commentator on various national television channels such as: Rai News24, La7, Sky TG24, etc.

Experience a highly emotional training, enrich your managerial skills and concretely address your personal and professional development needs

The cost of the webinar is
€ 300 + VAT per person
$ 300 + VAT per person (if applicable)
AED 1100 + VAT per person (if applicable)

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